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 +  *The Revelation Collector 
 +  *Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner 
 +  *Car crashes in town, kids die, misconstrued stories of what actually happened, hospital, funeral, fight between families, kid dies 
 +  *Young death vs. old death; car crash vs. cancer 
 +  *All day long, after he ate his breakfast to the eclipse of the afternoon, weak and sick Earl is collapsed in his brown leather chair in the den, the room his children always called the "TV room," a small square on the far front side of the house, that didn't have one naked wall, all were covered with bookcases containing books, tapes, and discs that Earl and his wife Helen had gathered over the years. 
 +  *His wife's voice, a nerve-racking squawk, came from kitchen. 
 +  *They were now far away from the city's gum-dotted streets. 
 +  *He had proceed, to his wife's subsequent complaints, to pack with books, tapes, and discs he had purchased at garage sales around the county. 
 +  *He was now a man, snoring and barely conscious, surrounded by the media which he had consumed all these years. To think all that data contained in that brain, which was now creaking to a halt gradually with each snore. 
 +  *When he felt anxious he felt his blood become sickle-sharp,​ as if if little blades were flowing through his veins, especially near his wrists and calves. And without knowing it, at first, he would squeeze each side of his nose with this thumb and pointer in concentrated pinching motions as he felt the cartridge bend and sort of pop, until when he finally become aware of his ritual he'd try to stop by counting down to the last one and would need to alternate each side until the simmering anxious sensation in his body would cease.
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