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 +  *Screenplay for show like Arrested Development 
 +  *"​Would you like to see my trophy wives?"​ [which are literal plastic, gold trophies of different wives] 
 +  *"You look like a chameleon in that." [green dress shirt and orange tie] 
 +  *Scene in which bathtub switch is broken. One person outside show with toe on switch, while other person is in the shower 
 +  *Scene in which two guys walk into store to purchase bed; "Who is the bed for?" "​It'​s for the both of us." 
 +  *Scene in which character gets stuck in a coin-operated virtual reality machine at the mall; hallucinates from the experience and has flashbacks 
 +  *Bubble tea stand, rivalry with other stand 
 +  *Character sells golden teeth from people to pawn shop 
 +  *Gold Tooth Pawn Shop
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